Author: Puneet Gupta (SVP-Engineering)

At HomeLane, teams and work processes have been built on the backbone of technology innovations in the field of interior designing & manufacturing. Ever since our inception, we have been steadily investing on technology-led standardization of catalog, pricing, 2D/3D designing and order management solutions for our business. In this article, I’ll provide a quick glimpse into this ecosystem!

At HomeLane, we are empowered by our cloud platform called SpaceCraft and associated web services…

How SpaceCraft achieves it all is via a distributed architecture of web applications that shoulder well-defined responsibilities and communicate via optimized APIs to…

Author: Puneet Gupta, SVP-Engineering

We organized a hackathon in August 2021 (called TechNovation), with the sole aim of letting ourselves go crazy with innovations & ideation. Organized by our TechTonic team (the driving force behind tech talks, guest lectures & hackathons at HomeLane), this event was super successful.

13 participants, 4 teams and a fortnight of fun in solution ideation, prototyping and design of mock screens, POC coding and presentations followed. Superb energy! And special winning & participation prizes for everyone involved.

Puneet Gupta (SVP-Engineering)

As we adapt to ‘the new normal’ of extended WFH, there are several challenges that team members sometimes bring to my attention. One common sore point is that this mode of working is fraught with never-ending meetings & conference calls — something that was not an issue in the good-old-days of working together at the office. So, while technology has eased collaborating from the comfort of our homes, it looks like we have lost control on ‘how much communication is enough?’ in the process.

I am sharing some simple suggestions that I personally apply to my workdays…

By Loga Prakash Raju (Software Dev Engineer)

In this article, I am sharing my experiences and understanding on how to create a Data Warehouse to assimilate data from different data sources for analysis and enable report generation using Apache Airflow.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a method of gathering data from different sources to provide useful business insights. A data warehouse works as a centralized database where data from different data sources are retrieved, processed and stored. Data collected from sources can be structured (mySQL, pgSQL) or semi structured (XML, JSON, CSV, Excel) or unstructured (flat files). …

by Mufaddal D (Software Dev Engineer)

I have been working for quite sometime on optimizing API’s here at HomeLane. As we grow, it becomes crucial to make sure that our API’s have the lowest possible latency and are written in a performant way. The former depends on many factors, some being out of our control but the latter is in our very hands. In this post I discuss how I collected metrics for our Spring repositories to aid in optimization.

The Problem

We wanted to collect metrics, specifically latency and call counts for our ReactiveMongoRepository’s to help track and reduce the total…

Ashish K. Sharma, Software Development Engineer

Imagine you have visited a website and started reading an article and suddenly an advertisement or an offer pops up on top of the article’s page.

Feels irritating right?

That is because such transitions often cause the visual elements to shift around the webpage, even reposition you to another random position on the page, needing you to scroll back to find your previous reading position. Such layout changes can be off-putting to users and cause a very bad visitor experience on websites.

Google has introduced a metric called Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) to measure…

Bikramjeet Singh, Software Development Engineer

Sometimes, you want to delete some entries from your database without actually deleting them. You want to preserve them (in case you ever decide to restore them in the future) or to use them for some other purpose (such as analytics). But it should still appear as if they were actually deleted, and should not show up in unexpected places in any application that uses that database. This is called the soft delete pattern.

To tackle this, instead of actually deleting a record from your database, which is irreversible, you simply ‘mark’ it as deleted…

Puneet Gupta — SVP Engineering

Last Friday, we conducted a Pizza Party of sorts. We set aside about 3.5 hours for this, and went about many fun activities like playing Taboo, Pictionary, Dumb Charades, Quiz and even a mini Treasure Hunt of sorts… And of course, we ordered some snacks and drinks to go with the fun mood. Pizzas, burgers, noodles, fries, cakes and such…

Seeing each other however, was the most exciting part of the evening. And we got superbly hooked on each other’s company. Seeing people smile all around, having a good time and enjoying some light moments ranks very high on everyone’s mind. No wonder that it stood out as the most memorable amongst everything that we did in the party!

Author: Ginil PG (Lead Web Developer)

In today’s digital marketing ecosystem, it’s important to optimize the performance or load time of your website pages to achieve the best returns. It is proven that a web page that loads within 3 seconds has a better user experience and hence reduced bounce rates or in other words improved conversions. Statistically, ~50% of users tend to drop off if it takes >3 seconds to load a page.

Measuring Performance

A website’s speed is based on many aspects such as the cloud server performance, network bandwidth, user traffic, page content, volume of images to…

Author: Mufaddal D

When it comes to performance optimization, profiling an application is the only way to gain detailed insights into CPU, memory and IO utilization. Things are pretty straightforward when working locally. You run your app in your favorite IDE, hook your favorite profiler to it and life’s good. But, things soon get complicated when you want to profile apps deployed on another machine or in a container . Issues like firewalls, port forwarding, security, JMX etc. start cropping up and life isn’t as it used to be. This is what I’ll try to alleviate in this blog.


  • Java…

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